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TexasProbateForms.com is a flat fee probate resource powered by Texas probate attorneys. Simply determine the appropriate probate process, submit your information, and let a Texas attorney handle the rest.

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1. Determine Your Best Option

We highly recommend that you first speak with a Texas probate attorney to determine the appropriate probate process. Request a callback.
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2. Submit Your Info

Once the appropriate probate process is determined, you’ll use a secure questionnaire to submit the info needed to complete the project.

3. We’ll Handle the Rest

We’ll use your responses to our questionnaire to prepare the appropriate probate forms & handle the process to its conclusion.
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Three Options When No Will Exists


Affidavit of Heirship

No Valid Will Exists
Real Estate Transferred to Heirs
Not Viable for Bank Accounts
No Administration Available
Price Includes Recording Fee
Handled By Atty Start to Finish


Small Estate Affidavit

No Valid Will Exists
Under $50K of Assets*
Assets > Debts*
Not Viable for Real Estate**
Price Includes Filing Fees
Handled By Atty Start to Finish


Determination of Heirship

No Valid Will Exists
Court Determines Heirs
Administration Available
Atty Ad Litem Appointed
Price Includes Court Costs
Higher Price In Some Cases

Two Options When a Valid Will Exists


Muniment of Title

Valid Will Exists
Transfers Ownership
No Admin Needed/Allowed
Hearing Will Be Required
Executor NOT Appointed
Minimal Post-Hearing Requirements
Can Be Filed > 4 Years After DoD
Handled By Atty Start to Finish


Probate the Will

Valid Will Exists
Independent or Dependent Admin
Hearing Will Be Required
Executor Will Be Appointed
Executor Administers Estate
Add’l Requirements Post-Hearing
Must Occur Within 4 Years of DoD
Higher Price In Some Cases